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ABomb leopard copy

Super quickie today.  Lavea Alter of A-Bomb is in the process of reviewing her inventory.  She’s working on some wonderful updates to classics such as this slip dress, whilst the remainder of her lines are super-mega-cheapie bargains in the clearance area. (more…)


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Savoy Location 1

OK, so I’m not quite all the way back yet – RL is still keeping me away more than I’d like – but I had the urge to indulge myself in some pretty pics, and Kit Maitland’s wonderful Savoy outfit was calling out for some attention. (more…)

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Meredith Skybox

It’s a big weekend for Tuli Asturias – the grand opening of Journey, her own sim featuring her new main store along with a raft of SL’s finest, and two new skin lines!  Both are beautiful, Sumi being a development on the style we know and love from Tuli, but Meredith – the skin I am showing here – is, in my opinion, a huge leap forward.  (more…)

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Moonlit Moon

My inner glamour puss is always on the lookout for sexy dresses, and this recent release from Yuli Orman really caught her attention.  (more…)

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So, I logged in this morning with the best of intentions, determined to do at least some work on my inventory.  However, the very first item I came to was this gorgeous dress, and I couldn’t resist taking some pics.  (more…)

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Pipal Gardens

Zaara Kohime has done it again!  The newest additions to her Zaara Indian Couture line are the beautiful Chaya dresses.  I simply couldn’t decide which I liked the best, so decided to show them all.  (more…)

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I’m Helena, intelligent, ambitious and successful. If you’re not intimidated by a strong woman, you’ll find that I can play just as hard as I work.


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