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Sugar and Spice

*Shudders* No, I’m not looking so worried because I’m frightened of what my evil twin’s been up to – it’s the fact I’m blonde!!  Now that’s scary!!  Make the most of it – might well be the only time you see a blonde Efe! (more…)


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CRM for Dummies

No, I probably don’t mean you.  Thankfully, most creators in SL have a pretty sound approach to their communications policy, but this week I had the unprecedented experience of actually leaving a subscribeomatic group thanks to a store owners over-pushy policy. (more…)

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Aleri Darkes Virgo Skybox

The multi-talented Aleri Darkes of Diversity Hair opened her new store today.  A stylish new build, optimised to minimise lag and make browsing far easier, three new hair styles, two new clothing items and, a totally new addition to the range, skins – and there’s a hunt to celebrate their launch! (more…)

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slinky bronze

Credits beneath the fold.


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