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Happy Christmas

Stroke of midnight as I type this.  I haven’t done cards and pressies this year.  A very few of you will know why I haven’t had the time and attention and will understand, the others I hope will take it on trust.  I apologise to the creators I haven’t blogged or given feedback to, I apologise to the friends I’ve been absent for.  Just know, that I do still care, and will be back as soon as my priorities allow.

To those of you that know I’m speaking to you – thank you, for being there for me, for valuing my opinion, for appreciating my efforts.

Happy Christmas.


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Info page updated

Paragraphs added today. (more…)

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ABomb leopard copy

Super quickie today.  Lavea Alter of A-Bomb is in the process of reviewing her inventory.  She’s working on some wonderful updates to classics such as this slip dress, whilst the remainder of her lines are super-mega-cheapie bargains in the clearance area. (more…)

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Mrs Copperfield

My mother was, no doubt, unusually youthful in appearance even for her years: she hung her head, as if it were her fault, poor thing, and said, sobbing, that indeed she was afraid she was but a childish widow, and would be but a childish mother if she lived.

David Copperfield – Charles Dickens

So, there’ve been so many blogger challenges over the last week or so, I decided time-starved or not, I should make the effort and take part in at least one of them.  Should it be Winter Jefferson‘s Rosebud Challenge?  Teagan Blackthorne‘s Literature Challenge?  Or Jhuzen Ketsugo‘s credit-crunch inspired challenge to not shop?  Oh, what the heck, why not all three? (more…)

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Slink Anya Skybox

Siddean Munro recently added to the growing family of SLink skins with Anya, the younger sister – fresh, natural and unassuming, but I’m sure nobody will put this baby in a corner.  (Lord knows where that line came from, I didn’t buy into the whole Dirty Dancing thing!!  Anyways, Anya to me will always conjure up memories of Buffy – oh, happy days!  And yes, I’m a dork.)


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