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Travelogue Beach

Only mid-way through October, and already I’m fed up of the weather.  In need of some RnR and a dose of sun, I gave myself an instant gap year makeover, and headed off to enjoy the beach.  What?  Of course it’s seasonal – I’m wearing orange, aren’t I?! (more…)


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Reloaded Black Location

I was so excited yesterday to see that Siddean Munro of SLink had released her new leather coats, and couldn’t wait to try them out.  I most certainly was not disappointed. (more…)

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Ukifune Ningyo Namazu

A most striking final outfit for this series, though perfect for relaxing in this beautiful idyll. Be warned, you need to be good at fitting prims to wear this dress, or you may be flashing anyone in the vicinity who’s agile with their cam! (more…)

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Golden Moon Ningyo Namazu

After yesterdays flowing gown, I wanted something sleeker today, and unequivocally sexy with it. (more…)

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Toba Dealer Ningyo Namazu

I stumbled across Ningyo Namazu some time ago and was determined to take some pics at this most peaceful location, a little oasis in the midst of the rather eccentric Picklefish Island sim. The builder describes it thus: “My idea of a Japanese peasant house. With a hand loom I found in a Swedish sim. Taiko drums. Tai chi. 2 fan dances: Ether & Butterfly Blade. (Wear fans.) A cruddy sampan. Japanese court music. A peaceful glade of dried fish & contemplat[ion.]” (more…)

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PixelDolls Jumper Galaxy

The next item I wanted to show from PixelDolls is this fun little jumper dress. In PixelDolls usual rich fabric, it comes with a tintable black-striped top, other colourways available separately, but when I put it on it just didn’t suit my mood. When I first saw the outfit, I thought how versatile the dress would be, so I decided to have a little a lot of fun building a different look around it.


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