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Savoy Location 1

OK, so I’m not quite all the way back yet – RL is still keeping me away more than I’d like – but I had the urge to indulge myself in some pretty pics, and Kit Maitland’s wonderful Savoy outfit was calling out for some attention. (more…)


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Bijou Skybox

It’s official – Siddean Munro is a creating machine!  Less than a month after the release of the beautiful Isabelle skins (shown here) SLink’s skin range has been expanded again with the addition of a new line, and Bijou is a beautifully wrought jewel of a skin for sure. (more…)

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Meredith Skybox

It’s a big weekend for Tuli Asturias – the grand opening of Journey, her own sim featuring her new main store along with a raft of SL’s finest, and two new skin lines!  Both are beautiful, Sumi being a development on the style we know and love from Tuli, but Meredith – the skin I am showing here – is, in my opinion, a huge leap forward.  (more…)

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Zaara Jeans Isle

If I’ve nothing special happening, and I’m not on the posestand or tearing my hair out from the ongoing challenge that is my inventory, nine times out of ten you’ll find me hanging out in jeans.  Jeans and a t-shirt, jeans and a jumper, jeans and a pretty blouse, jeans and… well not much else.  We all need a good pair of jeans, in both lives.  Well, apart from that one person I know RL who hasn’t worn jeans since before puberty, but they’re just weird!  Anyways, back to the point! (more…)

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Reflection Night

* Checks the feeds * Anyone posted this yet today?  No?  OK, then I’ll carry on!! (more…)

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Pipal Gardens

Zaara Kohime has done it again!  The newest additions to her Zaara Indian Couture line are the beautiful Chaya dresses.  I simply couldn’t decide which I liked the best, so decided to show them all.  (more…)

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Debutant Mix & Match

Hey, I’m Debutant, but you can call me Deb! I love to mix things up, but I can play it straight too. Whichever, you’ll see how sweet and sexy I can be!


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