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Purrr Fhtang.

OK, so this last outfit you’re unlikely to be wearing to a costume party, unless you’re that sort of girl (or the party’s at Rouge). But dressing up isn’t just for in public! (more…)


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Pirate Carnivale

Buckle my swash thee scurvy landlubbers… Oh lord, that’s quite enough of that! Maybe I can’t talk like a pirate, but if you want to look like one, you could do far worse than this next set from Reasonable Desires. (more…)

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Red Riding Hood Straylight

I managed to hide from the Big Bad Wolf just long enough to snap a couple of pics of this totally adorable costume. (more…)

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CanCan Paris 1900

From the depths of the jungle, to the stage of the Moulin Rouge in one easy move. SL offers so many possibilities, and so does the range of outfits at Reasonable Desires. (more…)

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Jungle Camo Fhtagn

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken part in a “Best In..” contest, but dressing up to a fun theme is always a blast. But what do you do when you just don’t have time or inclination to piece together a costume yourself? (more…)

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