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Aphrodixia Composite

You may have noticed by now, I like to get good value from my clothes, and this recent release from Starley Thereian’s Celestial Studios ticks all my boxes, working both as a glam dress for a night out clubbing, or more informally. (more…)


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Quick Look Sasy Corsets

So, I was starting to worry a little. I hadn’t seen anything all day week month named after the lovely Sasy Scarborough, then hurrah! A blue popup just as I was finishing up some pics before bed, and disaster was averted!! (more…)

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From Dawn til Dusk montage

So, Sasy wanted more words, so I decided to do some swotting at the library, in a simple outfit built around that essential item – the white shirt. I couldn’t be a bookworm for too long, but luckily a white shirt is infinitely adaptable and carried me right through til bedtime.


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