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La Ideal Barcelona

Comme Il Faut’s La Ideal dress was amongst the initial release* on the rebrand from Bossa Nova, helping to reassure fans that vintage inspiration and quality crafting remained key to Moire Georgette’s offerings. (more…)


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Quick Look Ringmistress

So, I was out shopping in RL earlier, when what should I see but the most yummy pair of sandals, almost identical to Maitreya’s magnificent limited edition Virtue’s. But, the summer’s almost over, and it’s raining right now, so that sensible part of my brain kicked in and made me resist. Of course, I had to indulge my lust virtually instead. (more…)

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Comme Il Faut Tortoni Cuba

Moire Georgette has been a favourite of mine on the grid for a long time. The Bossa Nova “Norma” skirt suit is my go to outfit for sales and other high lag events, and the current Comme Il Faut store offers similar vintage inspired loveliness, with the added bonus of a larger range of hair, and new skins, from the Le Salon line. (more…)

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