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Savoy Location 1

OK, so I’m not quite all the way back yet – RL is still keeping me away more than I’d like – but I had the urge to indulge myself in some pretty pics, and Kit Maitland’s wonderful Savoy outfit was calling out for some attention. (more…)


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Strawberry Dream

Super quickie for this post, as I’m racing off in RL very soon, but I couldn’t resist showing this super cute lucky chair dress off. (more…)

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I’d love to tell you about how I painstakingly put together this outfit, giving due care and attention to how every part contributed to the whole.  But I can’t – because the truth of the matter is, that I just picked a whole bunch of stuff in red and black almost randomly from my inventory, but I like how it turned out so much, I decided to share. (more…)

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Travelogue Beach

Only mid-way through October, and already I’m fed up of the weather.  In need of some RnR and a dose of sun, I gave myself an instant gap year makeover, and headed off to enjoy the beach.  What?  Of course it’s seasonal – I’m wearing orange, aren’t I?! (more…)

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Dawn Skybox

Just to add to my hyper mood yesterday, the talented Siddean Munro of SLink had new goodies for us – skins and boots.  I’m not sure which I love most – thankfully, I don’t have to choose and can wear both! (more…)

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Memento - Bennett II

Whilst enjoying the stunning build and marvellous hunt at the Magic of Oz sim yesterday, I was having some major lag issues, so dived into inventory for a quick change to ETD’s Tyra hair.  At only 30 prims and with an ARC of just 16, this is my go to style for those high load moments.  Such a classic style deserves a classic outfit, and for those moments, Last Call is my go to label. (more…)

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Reloaded Black Location

I was so excited yesterday to see that Siddean Munro of SLink had released her new leather coats, and couldn’t wait to try them out.  I most certainly was not disappointed. (more…)

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