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Coquette Delish Skybox

Shannon Carroll of Coquette first caught my attention not for releasing new skins, but rather for withdrawing them. Unhappy with the with the first issue of her Delish range following feedback, she took the brave step of removing them from sale and publicly posting as such, thus earning my immense respect. Following a phased re-release, earlier this month all four tones in all thirty-two makeups were put on sale, and the work she’s done to make these skins something she’s truly happy with really shows. (more…)


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Alchemy Glitter & Supernova

So, after wearing myself out last night speed-posting the Nostalgia dress to let you know about the limited edition, I decided to take my time and give you two for the price of one with this post!! The benefit of that is that you get to see the contrast between the two distinct styles Constanza Volare of Alchemy has surprised us with this time round.

Quick aside: With impeccable timing, the group notice just came through to announce the release of the second and final batch of limited edition dresses at 3pm SLT. (more…)

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Alchemy Nostalgia

More newness today, this time from the lovely Constanza Volare of Alchemy who has spent her summer creating oodles of new goodies for us. My reaction? Yum!! (more…)

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Quick Look Sasy Corsets

So, I was starting to worry a little. I hadn’t seen anything all day week month named after the lovely Sasy Scarborough, then hurrah! A blue popup just as I was finishing up some pics before bed, and disaster was averted!! (more…)

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Purrr Fhtang.

OK, so this last outfit you’re unlikely to be wearing to a costume party, unless you’re that sort of girl (or the party’s at Rouge). But dressing up isn’t just for in public! (more…)

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Pirate Carnivale

Buckle my swash thee scurvy landlubbers… Oh lord, that’s quite enough of that! Maybe I can’t talk like a pirate, but if you want to look like one, you could do far worse than this next set from Reasonable Desires. (more…)

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Red Riding Hood Straylight

I managed to hide from the Big Bad Wolf just long enough to snap a couple of pics of this totally adorable costume. (more…)

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