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No, not a Halloween themed post, just a short note to let you know that I’m not dead, but I’ve been totally swamped by RL and am likely to be for the next week or so.  Even when I’m in world, I’m afk half the time, so don’t take any offence if I seem to be ignoring you!

I’ll be back ASAP.  In the meantime, you really need to take a look at this JIRA.


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Arielle Ceres of Chic Boutique has begun the phased release of her new Diva skin line with Stella, a warm ivory tone, the perfect mid-range to begin with.  Over a year of development from first conception, this is the latest offering. (more…)

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Laura Green

Apologies for the post title – I blame the drugs*!  The L’s I’m referring to are Laura and Lorie, the latest offerings from AnnaH Whitfield, who appears to be in somewhat of a creating frenzy at the moment, luckily for us! (more…)

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Strawberry Dream

Super quickie for this post, as I’m racing off in RL very soon, but I couldn’t resist showing this super cute lucky chair dress off. (more…)

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Smexy Shoulders

Fun as it is to spend time putting an outfit together from several disparate elements, sometimes you just want to keep things simple, and the latest releases from Riddle allows you to do just that. (more…)

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Sugar and Spice

*Shudders* No, I’m not looking so worried because I’m frightened of what my evil twin’s been up to – it’s the fact I’m blonde!!  Now that’s scary!!  Make the most of it – might well be the only time you see a blonde Efe! (more…)

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I’d love to tell you about how I painstakingly put together this outfit, giving due care and attention to how every part contributed to the whole.  But I can’t – because the truth of the matter is, that I just picked a whole bunch of stuff in red and black almost randomly from my inventory, but I like how it turned out so much, I decided to share. (more…)

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