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Ginsuzu movement

*waves frantically*  Yes, I am still here – just!  But RL has been sapping my energy like you wouldn’t believe so yes, I am still tardy.  Ho hum!  SL hasn’t helped either.  I had some time on Saturday and set up some fantabulous (aint I humble?!) shots to show off this fabulous dress, a (relatively) recent release from Digit Darkes.  Sadly, the glow that I spent an age balancing to look just right would not show on my snapshots.  Thanks to Whimsy Winx and the other helpful folks in FE for their assistance as I tried to figure it out.  Seems to be a viewer issue, and given the choice of glow on pics vs disappearing prims, I decided to forget the glow!!  OK, there’s my little aargh moment out of the way – I guess I should talk about the frock now!! (more…)


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Alchemy Nostalgia

More newness today, this time from the lovely Constanza Volare of Alchemy who has spent her summer creating oodles of new goodies for us. My reaction? Yum!! (more…)

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From Dawn til Dusk montage

So, Sasy wanted more words, so I decided to do some swotting at the library, in a simple outfit built around that essential item – the white shirt. I couldn’t be a bookworm for too long, but luckily a white shirt is infinitely adaptable and carried me right through til bedtime.


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