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Scintillating Libertine

So, yes, admittedly I’m supposed to be busily cleaning inventory instead of bumping my count higher still, but I’m only human, and simply couldn’t resist these two fabulous new outfits from Nyte Caligari of Nyte’n’Day. (more…)


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College Days

I’m loving all the waistcoats that are popping up over the grid at the moment. I was big into waistcoats, or vests to those of you the other side of the pond, in my younger days, and it started me off thinking about my style (or lack thereof as my mother would argue) when I was younger. (more…)

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Nyte n Day Retesk Chelsea

The last of the Summer in the City series, and a special dress for it. Why? Because it’s purple. (more…)

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Nyte n Day Posey Hyde Park

Even in the middle of the city, a girl still needs her fresh air and exercise, and what better way to pass a Saturday afternoon than with a jog in the park. (After you’ve finished shopping, of course!). (more…)

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Nyte n Day Filly Hyde Park

A much softer, more romantic look today, perfect for relaxing in Hyde Park. (more…)

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Posh Green Knightsbridge

This neat little pant set of hiphugging trousers and slash-fronted halterneck top, is another great combo for the summer months, leaning more towards sexy than sweet! (more…)

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Nummular Knightsbridge

It can be a challenge staying cool, calm and collected in the smoggy, torpid heat of a city summer. The hell that is the underground – with it’s close-pressed throng, the warm winds of the trains passing through offering no respite – calls for something light and airy if you’ve a chance of making your appointment in town with your nerves, and your hair, unfrazzled. (more…)

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