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Posh Green Knightsbridge

This neat little pant set of hiphugging trousers and slash-fronted halterneck top, is another great combo for the summer months, leaning more towards sexy than sweet! (more…)


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Nummular Knightsbridge

It can be a challenge staying cool, calm and collected in the smoggy, torpid heat of a city summer. The hell that is the underground – with it’s close-pressed throng, the warm winds of the trains passing through offering no respite – calls for something light and airy if you’ve a chance of making your appointment in town with your nerves, and your hair, unfrazzled. (more…)

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Sin Skins Skybox

Portia Sin of Sin Skins has recently revamped her entire line, reworking the tones and giving the maximum of options, but making it simple to enjoy all the new choices. (more…)

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Dazzle Estivale

Controversial I know, but there is so much by Ginny Talamasca in my inventory that I simply adore, I’ve decided, even though it’s no longer available on general sale, to blog some of it. Why? (more…)

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Comme Il Faut Tortoni Cuba

Moire Georgette has been a favourite of mine on the grid for a long time. The Bossa Nova “Norma” skirt suit is my go to outfit for sales and other high lag events, and the current Comme Il Faut store offers similar vintage inspired loveliness, with the added bonus of a larger range of hair, and new skins, from the Le Salon line. (more…)

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Crystal Clarity

Please see this statement from Mallory Cowen of Laqroki regarding PXL skins. Hart Larsson of PXL has responded here and here with stating that no DMCA notice has been received by him in relation to these skins. Mallory Cowen advised here that a DMCA notice has been filed and that she is taking advice from a specialist lawyer on this matter.  As of 13th September 2008, all PXL female skins are not available to purchase.  As of 18th December 2008, Hart Larsson has posted on his blog here that Linden Lab have returned all items to his inventory that were the subject of this DMCA.

PXL Crys Sunkissed Skybox

I used to be a one skin gal. I loved the first skin I bought, collected a heap of makeups, and when the creator brought out a new line snapped up every skin going in my tone. And then I met Hart Larsson.


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Alchemy Celebration Citrus

Despite being busy in RL, Constanza Volare hasn’t forgotten about keeping our avatar’s clothed in the prettiest of dresses. This week has brought three new releases from her Alchemy line, all perfectly suited to summer for those of us in the northern hemisphere. (more…)

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