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Slink Anya Skybox

Siddean Munro recently added to the growing family of SLink skins with Anya, the younger sister – fresh, natural and unassuming, but I’m sure nobody will put this baby in a corner.  (Lord knows where that line came from, I didn’t buy into the whole Dirty Dancing thing!!  Anyways, Anya to me will always conjure up memories of Buffy – oh, happy days!  And yes, I’m a dork.)



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Arielle Ceres of Chic Boutique has begun the phased release of her new Diva skin line with Stella, a warm ivory tone, the perfect mid-range to begin with.  Over a year of development from first conception, this is the latest offering. (more…)

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Sugar and Spice

*Shudders* No, I’m not looking so worried because I’m frightened of what my evil twin’s been up to – it’s the fact I’m blonde!!  Now that’s scary!!  Make the most of it – might well be the only time you see a blonde Efe! (more…)

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Bijou Skybox

It’s official – Siddean Munro is a creating machine!  Less than a month after the release of the beautiful Isabelle skins (shown here) SLink’s skin range has been expanded again with the addition of a new line, and Bijou is a beautifully wrought jewel of a skin for sure. (more…)

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Meredith Skybox

It’s a big weekend for Tuli Asturias – the grand opening of Journey, her own sim featuring her new main store along with a raft of SL’s finest, and two new skin lines!  Both are beautiful, Sumi being a development on the style we know and love from Tuli, but Meredith – the skin I am showing here – is, in my opinion, a huge leap forward.  (more…)

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Aleri Darkes Virgo Skybox

The multi-talented Aleri Darkes of Diversity Hair opened her new store today.  A stylish new build, optimised to minimise lag and make browsing far easier, three new hair styles, two new clothing items and, a totally new addition to the range, skins – and there’s a hunt to celebrate their launch! (more…)

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Spot the not so deliberate mistake

/me’s eyes light up as she sees you, a bright smile breaking across her face, her arm raises to wave in welcome…  but then her eyes light upon her fingertips, her face falls and swiftly she tucks her hands back into the pocket of her jeans.

Can you guess why?  Go on, look closely…  No, closer than that even. (more…)

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