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Girls Night In

Sometimes, all you want to do is hang out at home – box of chocs, half decent bottle of wine, and some cheesy tunes to bounce around the lounge to! (more…)


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Black Plum

I actually had a little bit of genuinely spare time today, and should really have used it to tackle the disaster zone that is my inventory, but that’s no fun now is it?  So instead, I set to work trawling stores and putting together this look. (more…)

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Dita Brown

Hi. My name is Dita. I’m a real softie, comfortable in a wide range of situations, elegant or casual as you desire. I’d love to snuggle up against you and give you that warm feeling.


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College Days

I’m loving all the waistcoats that are popping up over the grid at the moment. I was big into waistcoats, or vests to those of you the other side of the pond, in my younger days, and it started me off thinking about my style (or lack thereof as my mother would argue) when I was younger. (more…)

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Vague Japoneise

I seem to be rather fond of orange at the moment, which is strange, because I never would have said it was one of my colours, but this bright and bubbly dress sure caught my attention. (more…)

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Colby Brown

I’m a girl who likes to have options – and three recent releases have given me those in abundance. I’d started to work up a layered look post a couple of days ago, but floundered due to RL interruptions and the restrictions of SL’s layer system. But when I tried on these uber-cute new knee length shorts from AnnaH last night, all the pieces fell seamlessly into place. So much so, that I came up with two variations on the theme, and doubtless could come up with more in minutes, but I’d hate to bore you!! (more…)

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