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Savoy Location 1

OK, so I’m not quite all the way back yet – RL is still keeping me away more than I’d like – but I had the urge to indulge myself in some pretty pics, and Kit Maitland’s wonderful Savoy outfit was calling out for some attention. (more…)


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Sugar and Spice

*Shudders* No, I’m not looking so worried because I’m frightened of what my evil twin’s been up to – it’s the fact I’m blonde!!  Now that’s scary!!  Make the most of it – might well be the only time you see a blonde Efe! (more…)

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AnnaH Whitfield released the Camila dress last weekend, just in time for it to be showcased at the Kudos fashion show to much positive feedback from the audience.  An adorable cocktail dress, featuring a sculptie bubble skirt with bows trimming the back, you’ll have seen this on the feeds over the last few days.  (more…)

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Black Gold

So, finally I couldn’t put it off any longer – my inventory was crying out for some attention, so expect Efemeral Style to be a little quieter than usual whilst I try and get it to shut up and stop bugging me for a while!  Has been fun finding things I’d completely forgotten I had though, like this skirt and blouse that have been languishing unloved for far too long! (more…)

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Black Plum

I actually had a little bit of genuinely spare time today, and should really have used it to tackle the disaster zone that is my inventory, but that’s no fun now is it?  So instead, I set to work trawling stores and putting together this look. (more…)

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Memento - Jana

If memory serves, the Jana dress was one of Last Call’s very first offerings featuring sculpted prims, in both the draping bell sleeves, and the close fitting skirt. (more…)

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Nyte n Day Retesk Chelsea

The last of the Summer in the City series, and a special dress for it. Why? Because it’s purple. (more…)

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